Alain De Botton is an author that I absolutely adore for his ability to make anyone reading his material in either the School of Life or any number of his books like the Architecture of Happiness, feel very much involved and a part of the society of which they live in. He often rights in reference to the daily on goings of life and how the average person might mentally approach them. The key point I have found myself honing in on after my college career and the beginnings of my employment career has been the idea of success. The typical idea of success in the modern or post modern age is the idea that success exactly correlates with wealth.

For me, wealth has never really been the crux of my happiness. I simply would love to “have enough money to pay the bills and put a little in the bank.” (Grace Mineta) However, I too have felt this need to defining my success in life by how much I am currently making or will make in the coming years. I do not know when or how I began to have this idea in the back of my mind but I noticed that it was there despite me believing that I truly did not pay any mind to how much money I made. I think for today my idea of success will be maintaining honesty with myself and what I believe to be the priorities I truly hold dear and not the ones society expects me to hold dear. I saw an interesting post this morning that kind of got this whole ball rolling while I was on Facebook. The post read something like “be who your younger self needed back then” That is certainly my long term idea of success. Every tiny step will be in hopes of reaching that goal.