So last night I had a cat dream. Wanna here about it? Cool, I will tell you anyways.

The cat dream happened after I groggily stirred awake, or at least thought I did, from a subsequent dream that I can no longer recall at the time of writing this down in my notebook at work around twelve thirty during lunch. But the cat… boy do i remember this cat because it was my neighbors cat that always (and I mean always) comes over and tries to be let inside.

The cat appeared at my basement window like it has done once or twice before. However, instead of patiently waiting outside for me to notice her, the little lady just came right on inside through the window. Of course in the dream I left the window open which allowed the calm spring breeze to the fill the room with an elegant morning aroma. The cat seemed to phase in and out as it moved about the room sniffing here and there. I wondered to myself as the cat moved about, how many weeks has this cat been longing to sniff around inside this place after being kept outside most of its days? Sleepy little me just watched as the cat moved about with that feline elegance that all cats posses. The greenish red fur of the cat glistening as the sunshine tickled its back released an orange glow that I only remembered from the first time I met her as we moved in on a sunny Saturday morning. This little cat was as curious as echoing demeanor she possessed in reality.

The cats persona shown through in the dream just as it was in the world of the real. She was perfectly recreated in my dream space, so real that I forgot it was ever a dream. I lost myself in the scene of the morning. Quite honestly I thought this was the best morning I had ever had. The feeling of tranquility and serenity flowed through the open window and danced along side the cat and I just lay there in a sleepy awe. I was in a finer moment, observing the fantastic right before my eyes in such a small scene of this world.

Before I knew it, the cat was climbing his way up the pile of sheets that sprawled lazily off the edge of the bed. As she made her way up towards where I lay, we lock eyes and I caught a glimpse into the cosmos through her iris. An infinite array of galaxies replicated on one face in perfect symmetry. That foreign feeling of perfect serenity washed over me once again as the cat lay purring on my chest. I wonder if this is what a world void of anxiety feels like, a life without worry, happiness in the moment. A world with no past and future. Before long I felt myself drifting back to sleep with a bundle of pure joy doing the same right there atop my chest. Breathing in perfect rhythm and finding sleep in harmony.

ANDDDD. BLARM BLARM BLARM BLARM its time to wake up and find your place back in the day to day world sucker. Get out of bed and into that office. For gods sake get those tickets done!