Hello, my name is Wesley and I have recently moved to the Capitol of the United States of America. In light of this move I have come to realize I have an extraordinary amount of time on my hands. What does anyone do when they are bored nowadays? That’s right! They start a blog! Now here is mine!

“If I take one more step I will be further from home than I have ever been.” Sam wise Gamgee

This quote has certainly been in the back of my mind since I left southern VA. This definitely is not the farthest distance a person could have moved but it is certainly the farthest I have ever been away from my wife and family. With the distance definitely comes a familiar feeling at night. Anxiety. I have struggled with night time anxiety for most of my life and it is only now more apparent due to the absence and distance from my significant other. Lame, I know but true it is. So this first post will be about how I am learning to curb the anxiety in three different ways.

1. Catching up with myself.

During the whole moving process, changing jobs, and much much much different change in lifestyle from rural to very urban I have noticed that my life and i have not quite stayed the same. This requires a lot of journal writing, time alone and the pondering of life to wrap my head around. At least in my case. I certainly try to see the positives in every part of the scenario but every passing day brings new challenges that I’ve never had to face before or at least not in a very long time. So now whenever I get around to it I have a sit down with my journal and talk about the changes I have experienced with myself. Changes like a crowded metro, long… tiring… crowded metro rides in and out of DC, a corporate contract government job and realizing my idea of business casual is far below the standard norm and my casual idea of casual Fridays is even further below the norm, as well as even smaller things like not having my significant other around for six months until her job in the south and training for the new job she acquired up here is over in September. All of these things I find to be anxiety inducing and all of which are 60 to 70% curbed by merely writing out a dialog with myself to help me visualize how I internally feel about these changes. Writing also helps me visualize a way to accept and get a grasp of ways to deal with these anxiety inducers.

2. Watching a metric ton of YouTube vlogs

I generally stick to two main genres that really help me put my thoughts into better places. (Modern philosophy and slice of life) Jason Silva shots of awe videos are prime. This modern philosopher of the digital age puts my soul at ease through the understandings of the human ontological design and teachings of philosophical theories of the past as they relate to the current digital Era of human existence.

The other channel I have found myself consistently coming back to is the texan in Tokyo channel with grace and Ryo. I love these two and their sweet little lives in japan. This channel gets me super hyped about my future with the significant other I have who is now completing her journey in moving up here, as well as our future vacation to japan!!!! Ahhhhh so excited!!!.

3. Cooking!!! Cooking all day er day!

I am a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay’s master chef and his personal YouTube channel. I live and learn on that channel every day! Last night it was pork, lightly seasoned, pan-fried on the stove top with nothing more than salt, pepper and a grilling spice mix of pepper and…something else. Tonight? Who the heck knows. It’s friday and I have much more time to think of something. It’s gonna be great. This hands down has been my favorite cure for anxiety and I think about cooking. I read about cooking. I cook and I dream about cooking. I’m also not very good at cooking but one day Mr ramsay… one day I’ll be super fly on the stove top.

Well I seriously doubt anyone will be reading this but if someone does. What do you do to curb your anxiety? How was your move if you have recently moved? What are some of your ideas on business casual attire?


This guy. I almost forgot. Not mine. Always there. Super cute.